#1 Online shop employee
There is no such thing as free shipping. the cost of shipping is absorbed into the cost of the product.
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#2 Truck driver
9 out of 10 truck drivers travel with a smartphone on their windshield watching a TV-series. Stay away from big trucks.

#3 Disney World employee
There are secret tunnels underneath both Epcot and the Magic Kingdom (and probably other parks too) that enable the cast members to travel across the park pretty quickly and easily.

#4 IT support people
(help desks, computer repair shops, Geek Squad, etc.) are mostly just better at Googling than you are.

#5 Babysitter
I work with kids at a daycare and we see babies take their first steps sometimes but we never tell the parents because we don’t want them to feel bad about missing it
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#6 Employee at a flour factory
Wheat flour is not actually white. We use chlorine to make it look more attractive. This also increases the gluten level in flour, and this is why people are more gluten-sensitive today.

#7 Rescue team member
When you are a young lifeguard, you always have a radio with you 24/7. And you always listen to what happens in the city. If you are going, for example, to a birthday party in your own car and then you hear there is a fire on a nearby street, you turn the car and drive there! (I have my own gear in the car).
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#8 Olive oil factory employee
We had only one kind of oil but we put it in 27 different containers and sold it at different prices. Some of them were labeled as imported, some were called the highest quality oil. But it was the same oil in every single bottle.

#9 Museum staff
The things that REALLY can’t be touched are put under glass but museum staff just don’t like when visitors touch the exhibits

#10 IT-service engineer
When someone is fixing your computer, they also often look through the data on your hard drive searching for something funny or embarrassing. So, before you give your computer to an IT service, clear your browser history, and copy all the important data to an external drive.

#11 Candle factory
Paraffin candles are dangerous and poisonous. Because I know what we added in there (even to the candles that say “100% paraffin”), I will never ever use candles again. If you need to use them for some reason, buy candles made of bee’s wax without any scents.

#12 Sommelier
Wine isn’t vegan. It’s not even vegetarian in some cases. The filtering (refining) process uses egg whites, and sometimes isinglass (fish parts).

#13 Bartender
Hotel bars will ensure that your wedding bar tab is spent as early as possible.
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#14 Movie theater
A large bag of popcorn that costs the customer $5.99 (at the time) cost the movie theatre 6 cents to produce, including the butter, the kernels, the bag, the power used by the popper and the time it took the concession employee to fill up the bag and give it to the customer.

#15 Internet services
Most “subscription services” will raise their prices over time because they expect you to just live with it. This applies to phone bills, cable packages, internet service, insurance plans… Call up, politely complain about the price. Skip the canned “well the price has gone up because inflation/rising costs/age/end of promotion” and continue to politely say it’s too much, your budget can’t handle all your outgoings and you may need to drop the service. Either you are speaking to someone who can reduce the price, or they can put you through to a person authorized to reduce the price.

#16 Mechanic
If you want to go on vacation and you don’t know where to leave your car, get it to a mechanic. Many people do this. It’s ridiculously cheap and you can be away for a month! It is much more expensive to use parking lots.

#17 Chef
If you’re eating in a restaurant at a very busy time, your vegan burger has most likely been cooked using the same tongs as raw chicken wings.
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#18 Pharmacist
I’ve worked at several factories that manufacture medications. And the rules were the same everywhere: if you dropped pills on the floor, just put them back into the bottle. So, maybe your medications are not as clean as you think.

#19 Librarian
The amount of toilet paper, random items, and bills used as bookmarks that are left in returned library books is unbelievable!

#20 Doctor
We spend so much time to be good at what we do, that we know almost nothing about other things.

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