Am I the most attractive woman out there ? Of course not. But do I have a good personality ? Well, no. But do I wake up every day and try to be the best person that I can be ? Also no.
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Me: Age is just a number
My body: And today you’re 85 lol
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Thinking that people want to steal your boyfriend is a mental disorder. no one wants your boyfriend. have you had a boyfriend? exactly. no one wants it. calm down
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I heard my kids joking on each other in the other room and someone yelled out “that’s why you look like mommy in the morning” Wait a fu*king minute NOW ! Lmaoo
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STOP blocking your momma from your posts… let her see the hoe she raised
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The jonas brothers are coming back and my dad told me straight to my face, “you will not drag me to another one of their concerts after what happened when you were 6” long story short, the jonas brothers opened up for hannah montana and i threw up when i saw nick
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Me: *sets away message*
~*~i LiKe U tHe WaY u R.
~*~wHeN wE’rE dRiViNg iN uR cAR
Also me: *is 13 and has no friends that can drive and definitely has no friends that have a car and has never had a real crush and doesn’t really know what this new song is about*
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Me, in hell: I was told there would be a “special” place for me?
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Dating my last boyfriend was like being on the bachelor but not knowing I was on the bachelor
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no one:
me: so you hate me
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what straignt men wanted in 1979: women who like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain
what straight men want in 2019: must be ten times hotter than me but NOT know it. can fit entire meatball sub in mouth but NOT in a slutty way. SIZE TWO. LOVES sex but is a VIRGIN.
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