Starting a new high school & didn’t have the uniform yet so Dad wrote a note excusing me. I copied it in my handwriting, the school checked it by calling him, & it went on file to prevent against forgeries. For years if I didn’t want to do something, I just wrote myself a note
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Not me, but after fleeing Europe during the Holocaust—in which almost his entire family died—my grandfather got a job as a banker in NY by lying that he had a college degree but the records had been lost in the war. He worked successfully as a banker for the rest of his life.
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My best friend and I wanted to go to a Blink 182 concert in high school but couldn’t afford tickets, so we told everyone in our extremely Baptist Oklahoma town that God called us to spread the gospel at an evil secular concert but we needed donations to get in. We turned a profit
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One of my law school professors was a notorious drunk and he called on me one day when I was totally unprepared and he was visibly drunk. I dead stared at him for a minute and then nodded and said “and that’s it” and he thought I had answered, said “yes, excellent” and carried on
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In yr 9 I was woefully unprepared (lazy) for a history assignment, so handed in a yellow folder with my drama assignment in it. I spent the weekend on the history paper & took it to the teacher Monday morning, in a different yellow folder, apologising profusely for the mix up.
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Got tired of waiting for a job offer due to bureaucratic slowness. Told the hiring person I had an offer elsewhere & needed a decision. Got my desired offer the next day &d later learned the starting salary was significantly higher due to concern I’d go to the other “job.”
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In college i legally married, and then peacefully divorced, a platonic friend so we qualified to live off-campus.
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My husband and I told our kids Barney died so we wouldn’t have to watch it anymore.
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when I was in 5th grade I didn’t want to write a paper on the american revolution so I just… didn’t. when the teacher handed them back I told her I didn’t get mine but definitely handed it in. she said she remembered reading it and just gave me like a 90%.
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My SAT II essay prompt was “Can lying ever be justified?” I wrote about lying to comfort a dying friend who didn’t exist, which also based on a (non-dying) friend’s story from the year before (that was also a lie). My high score was the true proof that lying can be justified.
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When I was a young teen my family and I moved into a very affluent suburb with a ton of little kids. I put out flyers everywhere saying I had extensive babysitting training when in fact I had just read all the Babysitters Club books. I ended up be an awesome babysitter tbh
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Was a runaway street kid (didn’t look it) in NYC circa 2001. Stood street level outside a basement club. Group of 5 came up to me thinking I’m the door guy and asking if there’s a cover. Told ‘em “$10”. Got $50 on the spot & booked it before the real door guy caught on.
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I was auditioning for a very competitive children’s choir but didn’t know how to read music even though I checked yes. So I listened carefully outside of the room to the person before me and sang the piece from memory when it was my turn.
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As a small town 13 y/o hoodlum my friends & i were caught out way after curfew & i don’t know what possessed me to saunter up to the cop car & say “excuse me? have you seen an orange cat? our parents can’t know we lost her!” but it is the most self-possessed i have ever been
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I once claimed Dad was a v conservative minister who wouldn’t let me date … to get away from a baritone in HS chorus who wanted to date me because my skin was beautifully pale, like a dead person’s. (He wanted to be an undertaker.)
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When I was 16, I faked a mission trip to Guatemala (paperwork and all) to my parents (both pastors) so that I could go party in Panama City, Florida, for spring break.
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I got a job at a summer camp as the outdoor/nature counsellor because I said I had studied plants and wilderness survival, but I basically just made things up, including the names of all the plants we saw. So I feel like there are adults now who call everything the wrong name
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One time for my own entertainment I pretended not to know what a donut was when an ex boyfriend’s friend mentioned wanting one. everytime he tried to explain it I said, “oooohhhh, you mean a bagel.”
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Also, my wife teases me that when I moved in with her in NYC after college I said it was only for a little while until I found my own apartment. It was really hard finding an apartment without actually ever looking for one. I never found one on my own.
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I told my dad I was getting laid so I wouldn’t get my a*s beat for staying out all night playing D&D with my friends…
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