People who think vegans only eat salad are the same people who think the only furniture you can have sex on is a bed
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vegan blogger: im making a SUPER easy accessible recipe
vegan blogger: my first ingredient is pearl shaped amaranth grain picked from the foothills of the Himalayas by the angels that visit the earth every retrograde.
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I shouldn’t have to pay extra for avocado if I’m not getting meat or cheese thanks for coming to my ted talk
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People really out here saying “I’ve never tried vegan food before” acting like it’s a whole cuisine bitch you’ve never had a carrot? a noodle? a french fry maybe??
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vegans be like
breakfast: berry smoothie
lunch: veggie wrap with hummus and fresh pressed juice
dinner: beyond burger, fries, an entire package of oreos, three taco bell bean burritos, spicy sweet chili doritos, sour patch kids, and a pint on nondairy ben & jerrys ice cream
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non vegans are really out here thinking as a vegan I miss cheese & bacon, no sweetie I miss the amazon rainforest and my fu*king patience
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If you think vegans are easily offended, try telling a meat eater you made chicken wings out of cauliflower.
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So y’all will stop using straws to save fish but won’t stop eating fish to save fish
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ppl: I’ll never understand why ppl go vegan
vegan: there are plenty reasons like ethics &
ppl: we may never know
vegan: clima
ppl: never
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80,000 different edible plants and y’all eat the same 3 dead animals?
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vegan alternatives to calling your partner “honey”:
-agave nectar
-maple syrup
-sugar (organic)
-stevia in the raw
-monk fruit extract
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“what are you eating?”
me: “vegan chicken nuggets!”
“omg we get it you don’t eat meat you don’t have to say it’s vegan every time”
“what are you eating?”
me: “chicken nuggets”
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@ meat eaters that claim to hate vegans so much; why not just ignore us like you do climate change, deforestation and animal suffering??
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‘if ur a vegan why do u eat so much unhealthy food’
first of all, i hate myself not the animals
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Vegan alternative to hunting: hide behind trees & blow kisses at unsuspecting deer.
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Man, people on Facebook get real upset over animals dying/getting hurt unless you bring up the ones they’re eating
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What people think you need to be vegan:
- discipline
- money
- cooking skills
What you ACTUALLY need to be vegan:
- perspective
- empathy
- a conscience
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