Dumbledore: “What are your strengths?”
Hagrid: “Breeding monsters and putting children in imminent danger.”
Dumbledore: “Any convictions?”
Hagrid: “Several.”
Dumbledore: “Can you practice magic?”
Hagrid: “Not legally.”
Dumbledore: “….you’re fu*king hired.”
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If you have a crush on someone, you can take a risk and tell them or you can change your name, become a count, uncover a massive fortune in gold and jewels buried on a remote isle and slowly avenge yourself on her husband who threw you in prison to die.
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Stop trying to make everyone happy, you’re not a Scholastic Book Fair.
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Some of you guys didn’t read “The Giving Tree” when you were younger and missed out on the important life lesson about giving too much of yourself to one person and it shows in your toxic a*s relationships smh Shel Silverstein would be disappointed
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TOLKEIN: you wrote a book about a mythical land didn’t you?
LEWIS: yes, the Chronicles of Narnia
TOLKEIN: [writing in a notepad] that’s right. what’s Narnia again?
LEWIS: [leaning in close] Narnia fu*ken business
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HOGWARTS JANITOR: Isn’t there a spell that could clean this up?
DUMBLEDORE: [handing him a mop] Yeah but I’m tired.
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There should be an anthology that comes out every year called NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL WRITING
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Was listening to the very hungry caterpillar audiobook in my car and accidentally spent $174.09 at the drive-thru
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*stands outside your window holding a boom box above my head blasting my favorite audiobook*
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The Fantastic and the Beasts
2 Crimes 2 Grindelwald
The Fantastic and the Beasts: Scamander Drift
Fantastic & Beasts
Fantastic 5
Fantastic & Beasts 6
Beasts 7
The Fantastic of the Beasts
We Are Still Making These 9
This Is About Making Money Off Of Intellectual Property Rights 10
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Candle scents that I would buy:
1) scholastic book fair
2) lite-brite
3) the fear of my enemies
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The middle initials “R.R.”, a ranked list:
1. J.R.R. Tolkien
2. George R.R. Martin
3. The Children R.R. Future
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Professor: then just flick your wand and–
Professor: err that’s not really how it–
Harry: accio a hug
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My moms hearing aids are bluetooth wired and she just told me sometimes when she’s in meetings she turns off the listening to people function and just streams audiobooks directly into her ears
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movie producers: looks like we’ve filmed EVERY story
library: not true
producers: what to film next
library: I got some stories
producers: how about three THOUSAND sequels, prequels and reboots
library: are you *kidding* me
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Ho ho! Goddamn good thing we didn’t have social media when I was a teenager! The LAST thing I need now is pictures of me reading Lord of the Rings alone in bed popping up and ruining my life.
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You seem like the type of person that says the movie is better than the book.
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Give us a perfume that smells like a Scholastic Book Fair, you cowards.
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If I were a literary character, I would be the grandpa in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory that doesn’t get to go
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