Earlier this week Twitter user @bittermulattos tweeted this list claiming “no man has all five.”

bittermulattos / Via twitter.com

Over the course of the week, the tweet has gotten over 204,000 likes and thousands of retweets and comments.

#1 Naturally, people have been coming up with their own lists of five things people may or may not have.
No man has all five
1. texts me back
kynziealexis / Via twitter.com

#2 Like this Flavortown resident.
no man has all five
1. sports car
2. spiky bleached hair
3. diners
4. drive-ins
5. dives
crocfanpage / Via twitter.com

#3 Or this elusive mystery woman.

TravusHertl / Via twitter.com

#4 This list with its “subtle” mention of Rick Astley.
no man has all five:
1. perfect hair
2. a beautiful singing voice
3. the will to never give you up
4. the ability to never let you down
5. the strength to never run around and desert you
fu*k you rick astley you lying piece of sh*t you broke my heart
robfromonline / Via twitter.com

#5 Or this list including *THAT* Zara shirt.

sbstryker / Via twitter.com

#6 Some stick to the original formula and make the clever lists about men.
No man has all five:
1. Clean sheets
2. The ability to make a woman cum
3. A height over 5’10
4. Willing to commit
5. Friends who aren’t drug dealers
samanthaaa_eli / Via twitter.com

#7 Ah, men.
no man has all five:
1. separate shampoo and conditioner
2. emotional intelligence
3. a blank criminal record
4. more than 3 items in their fridge
5. friends who aren’t drug dealers
AngK101 / Via twitter.com

#8 While others focus on groups like runners.
no runner has all five
1. every toenail
2. a durable body
3. airpods
4. a social life
5. fast finish
CrossProb / Via twitter.com

#9 Texans.
No Texan has all five
1. A truck
2. A stack of Whataburger numbers
3. Boots
4. An opinion on the Dallas Cowboys
5. Vegetables in their fridge
Javi386 / Via twitter.com

#10 Or this little jab at people from Buffalo.
no buffalonian has all five
1. sobriety
2. ranch in the fridge
3. snow tires
4. zubaz
5. a winning sports team
RyanMura / Via twitter.com

#11 Some focus on individuals like Luigi.
no man has all five
1. is italian
2. has a mustache
3. wears a green hat and overalls
4. is slightly taller than his brother
5. texts me back
imskytrash / Via twitter.com

#12 Shaq.
No woman has all five
1. 1st round draft pick
2. 324lbs
3. 7 foot 1
4. Star of kazaam 1996
5. Is shaq
daddydatsun / Via twitter.com

#13 And the lovely Danny Devito.
no man has all five:
1. beautiful face
2. smol body
3. kind eyes
4. cute laugh
5. toe knife
oh wait, one man does, Danny Devito
FactsDevito / Via twitter.com

#14 Some focus on Hannah Montana.
No man has all five:
1. smooth talkin’
2. so rockin’
3. everything that a girl’s wantin’
4. guitar cutie
5. plays it groovy
tranganhdong / Via twitter.com

#15 Or 2018 NL CY Young Award winner Jacob deGrom.
No woman has all five:
1. A devastating arsenal of pitches
2. Impeccable control
3. 1.70 ERA in 2018
4. A long-term contract extension with the Mets
5. The 2018 NL Cy Young Award
DeeH_NYC / Via twitter.com

#16 They are as funny as they are unique — like this one proving there is no Mr. Brightside.
No woman has all five
- Falling Asleep
- Calling a cab
- Having a smoke
- Taking a drag
- Going to bed, stomach is sick
natethegreat118 / Via twitter.com

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