Hello, I’m an alien in a movie and I want to invade planet earth – when I say planet earth, I mean the US.
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Well, now. I’m the police tech who can miraculously ‘enhance’ that grainy bit of CCTV footage and zoom in so that you can see the killer’s reflection in the victim’s wedding ring. Everything will be controlled by me hammering furiously at the keyboard, and I’ll never hit ‘ENTER’.
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Hello. I’m a computer geek in a movie. I can break into any system by typing random keys extremely fast then shouting ‘I’m in!’ All the while this is happening green text will be projected scrolling up my face. My T shirt has a band on it too.
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I am a suburban/urban housewife in a movie about my kids. Every morning I make a full four course breakfast, and every morning each member of my family eats a bite of toast, bolts down two gulps of orange juice, and rushes out the door. do I just throw the rest away? nobody knows
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Hello, I am a chubby black woman in a movie. I am just here to be your sassy friend with the witty comebacks. Mostly, I’ll just say “Girrrrrrllllllluh” and “mm hm” a lot in addition to shaking my head in disapproval.
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Hello, I’m the Eiffel Tower in a movie, you can see me from every single window of every building in Paris
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Hi, i’m a ‘nerdy’ girl in your local high school, you probably haven’t noticed me because i wear glasses & my hair in a tight braid. That is, until some girls give me a makeover for the prom, i take off the glasses & let my hair down (literally) then you see my ‘true beauty’
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Hello, I’m a writer in a movie. I write one piece a week and live in a two bedroom New York apartment with a walk-in wardrobe. Also I never actually pitch anywhere, the jobs just come to me.
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Hello, I’m a grocery bag in a movie. I always have a baguette in me and I’m alway made of paper with no handles.
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I’m a military radar technician in a movie and I don’t exist until I say “sir, you’d better take a look at this” and then I’m never seen or heard from again.
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I’m a mom in a sitcom. My hair, body, and clothes are perfect, and I’m gorgeous and look 20. My husband is balding, fat, and looks 40.
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Hi, I’m any character in a movie that uses a taxi. After reaching the destination, I don’t wait to hear the cost; I simply pull out any money from my wallet, hand it to the cabby and don’t wait for any change. I could be handing out hundreds and never know. Now I may be broke.
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Hi, I’m a soldier in a movie. I show you a picture of my girlfriend and at that point you realise I’m the first to get sh……………….
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Hello, I’m a lab scientist in a movie. I wear my hair down in flowing waves, and don no gloves as I handle chemicals with the pipette I’m holding the wrong way. Also test results come in a split second at the push of a button on a miracle machine.
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Hello, I’m the Golden Gate Bridge in a movie. I will be destroyed.
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Hi. I`m the new temporary teacher in a high school, whose class is deemed unteachable. I know, however, that they are `good kids` who `have been let down by society` After facing a crisis with the school board, the kids start studying, get A grades and go to college
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Hi, I’m the doctor wheeling your wife into emergency surgery. I’ll let you sprint through the halls of the hospital with us until we reach a particular set of double doors where I will turn to you and say, “Please wait outside, let me do my job.”
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Hi, I’m your wacky next door neighbor. I run over to your house whenever I want, shouting “Have you heard the news? Turn on the tv!” Miraculously, it’s always on the right channel at the precise moment the story is breaking.
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Hello, I’m a Dad in a movie. I care more about my work than my adorable children and it will take an intervention from someone magical or otherwise supernatural or a weirdly gifted yet mischievous pet to help me focus on what really matters.
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Hello, I’m the city of Vancouver in the movie. I always double for another major city and never get to play myself.
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