#1 When you want to impress the neighbors with your modern solutions, but then become known as the guy who destroyed a Jeep at the push of a button.

vertigo1084 / Via reddit.com

#2 Basketball Fail.

RyanRKO / Via reddit.com

#3 A fatal coincidence.

BillyNewhall_ / Via twitter.com

#4 What exactly do packaging engineers the whole day?

Patrikbo / Via twitter.com

#5 Amazon have delivered my batteries.

abbottrd / Via twitter.com

#6 Dont forget to consider wind direction when deciding on the best position for your face when you are about to pull your sump plug.

DreamTech_Oz / Via twitter.com

#7 So this morning I got a new pair of slippers at JC Penney. Black Friday sale… Tonight I RIP open the box to wear them… I HAVE A PROBLEM!!!

IhuntILLINOIS / Via twitter.com

#8 The crime you can’t hide from.

MoneyBagsMcG / Via imgur.com

#9 The true story of Jabba the Hutt’s creation.

techster / Via imgur.com

#10 My daughter made a “dog” in art class.

crazee88 / Via imgur.com

#11 What a beautiful packaging

Redelta / Via reddit.com

#12 I want to believe that it’s a Christmas present he’s already paid for and is hiding from the kid.

TacoHut_PizzaBell / Via reddit.com

#13 Can you tell who tried to be cool and take the family picture with their Apple Watch.

mkylerichardson / Via twitter.com

#14 Holiday Baking Fail.. My toddler told me Santa won’t mind!

karaellenkim / Via twitter.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: abbottrd / twitter.com , Redelta / Reddit